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My Life My Opinion – A 50 something Baby Boomer spouts off about things that are on his mind affecting the average Baby Boomer in his everyday life.

Their efforts were all about sacrifice so that their children could enjoy a better life.Normally the hair was gray and/or receding, the skin was deeply lined and discolored and individuals often suffered physical infirmities such as arthritic damaged knees and hips that greatly limited their mobility. With the help of hair transplants, laser peels for the skin, face lifts as well as botox and juvederm to alleviate the effect of gravity on the face, medical experts indicate that baby boomers can look 10 to 20 years younger than their actual age.Concerning physical infirmities, knee, hip and shoulder replacements and other orthopedic surgeries allow the baby boomers to stay active and engaged in sports for decades longer than their grandparents.It threatens our environment and our security, yet no politician seems willing to ask the American public to sacrifice to help solve the issue.The country binges on debt to buy homes that we cannot afford.

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