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More controversially, she says that children have no right to keep their messages private and that parents ought to feel empowered enough to demand access to them. If you suspect your child is sexting – sending explicit images of themselves – there is a clear-cut case for intervention.

But where do the boundaries lie between safeguarding and surveillance?

That is the question on every parent’s mind after the cri de coeur from Tory MP Claire Perry, who has urged us to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged teenagers by taking arms against the pernicious threat of social media.

David Cameron’s new adviser on childhood claims that we have a duty to hack into our children’s emails and monitor their texts.

In fact, the high schooler never gets to more than an enthusiastic first base with any of the classmates she's accused of shacking up with.

Our sympathy, as viewers, is somewhat conditional upon this fact: Hannah Baker doesn't deserve to be slut-shamed because, factually speaking, she wasn't a "slut." Hannah remained "pure and clean" until Bryce (Justin Prentice) assaulted her and took her virginity., for its many strengths, never considers an important question surrounding the victim's suicide: What if Hannah had been promiscuous?

“I also think it’s my role as a parent to keep up-to-date with any new technology that my children might want to use.” Maintaining communication is crucial.Bryce Walker is a high school jock who believes every girl in school wants to sleep with him—including Hannah Baker, a bullied classmate whom he sexually assaulted before she took her own life.Bryce says he knew Hannah "wanted it" because "she made eyes." He tells Clay, who's been pining for Hannah, "I know that's hard for you to hear, that your crush wasn't pure and clean.", is the victim of rampant slut-shaming and harassment from the other students in school.Perry, who represents Devizes and has three children, accuses society of being “complicit” in creating a culture in which youngsters are free to make inappropriate contact with “strangers at all hours of the day and night”.Not unreasonably, she suggests curtailing online activity late at night by unplugging the internet router.

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