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Even if the cold typically does not agree with you, there is nothing a cup of hot tea, borrowed sealskin garb, and a blanket made of reindeer skin can’t fix.Dog sledding is, no doubt, a classic way to experience Arctic nature, but what the unsuspecting visitor does not know, and what is unique about dog sledding in Greenland, is that a heavy dose of Inuit culture comes along for the ride.

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Despite moderately higher-than-average air temperatures and high air pressure over Greenland, the 2017 melt season began modestly.

As of June 30, total melt area was the lowest since the 2009 melt season.

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, balancing commerce and culture with fresh air and stunning views.

Living in and off of the nature is central to Greenlandic identity, and therefore when you are close to the nature, you are also close to the Greenlandic culture.

Spending an afternoon riding along with Greenlandic sled dogs is something you won’t soon forget.

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