Trophy wife dating sites

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But I assume you have found the catch in the very first sentence.

Yes, it is a career option after all, in that you have to work hard to achieve it and harder to keep being good at it.

Such a woman is most likely to be the second or the third wife of the man she is married to.

A trophy wife is regarded as a status symbol, something only the very rich and powerful can afford.

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In fact, the more successful the guy, the more it seems he pairs off with a woman who is no more than a pretty face: a trophy wife.[7 Beauty Trends That Are Bad for Your Health] "I find that handsome men partner with pretty women and successful men partner with successful women," Elizabeth Mc Clintock, a professor of sociology at Notre Dame who conducted the study, said in astatement."So, on average, high-status men do have better-looking wives, but this is because they themselves are considered better looking — perhaps because they are less likely to be overweight and more likely to afford braces, nice clothes and trips to the dermatologist, etc." Mc Clintock analyzed the traits of about 1,500 couples in their early 20s who were either married, living together, or dating a minimum of three months.It's no surprise, then, that men traditionally perceive themselves as fully functioning individuals with or without a partner.Men want and seek long-term companionship, but these relationships aren't necessary to their sense of self.

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