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Hi guys I am tearing my hair out with this issue as I cant seem to get to the bottom of it. I have been experiencing high charging voltages whilst running the engine.The voltage starts off at around 14.4v but after 5-10 mins starts to creep up slowly until my volts gauge indicate 16.6v and starts flashing.I came across some saying that maint free batteries cause high charging voltages and should use a flooded cell old type battery but my maint free battery is a flooded cell type just non fillable so I cant see the reason behind this advice.Some guys on other forums recommend you guys for help so many thanks for any advice you can throw my way Mark i am not a yammy man but if you have a rectifier only charging system this is a known problem with sealed or gel batteries....there is no internal discharge in those batteries...you have a regulator or just a rectifier?

Go to the folder called C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data, right click inside the folder and select Paste 9.

Ive made up new battery leads but the last test showed it had nothing to do with the existing leads.

I have trawled the net for months now and have seen this problem coming up now and again but nobody posted a fix.

THe next bit of advice to go with this is: READ IT.

More advice - do not be temped to download your 270. I love shooting mine and it is very versatile as a hunting cal.

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