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Susan’s spy name, she informs a fellow desk-bound agent, Susan is also, inconveniently, in love with the field agent she works with most closely, the James Bondian Bradley Fine (Jude Law, doing a passable British person's version of an American accent)—who acknowledges her feelings by variously insulting her, taking advantage of her, flirting with her, demeaning her, and complimenting her. Susan is, in other words, the woman many woman struggle against becoming: unsatisfied, accommodating to a fault, in love in a way that is literally hopeless.Taking her out to a fancy dinner to express his gratitude for her assistance (“I couldn’t have done it without you”), he gives her a necklace—packaged, to add insult to injury, in a ring-sized jewelry box—whose pendant is a comically large, anthropomorphized cupcake. She is very much not, we are meant to understand, Living Her Best Life. Mc Carthy says it’s no big deal for their circle of friends to toss around ideas.“We’re a bunch of weird circus performers,” she says. We’ve been pitching weird ideas to each other since the day we all met.”, which features cameos by famous pals such as Mc Carthy, Falcone, Wiig and Jason Bateman.“It’s super-real,” says Davidson, adding that when they were shooting scenes at The Groundlings theater, “ostensibly the three of us were shooting the show and we were the primary, main actors in it; this was our show! It’s amazing (how) you can literally tap into those feelings of ‘less than.’ "Mc Carthy relished playing a more entitled version of herself, Face Timing in from a private jet in full hair and makeup, pitching her friends inane ideas.“I look forward to becoming the monster that I play,” she laughs.RESTAURANT REVIEWS » posted by MELISSA BUOTE, Nov 26/15 The Dartmouth waterfront’s newest addition, Il Trullo, works towards greatness, bringing innovative and traditional Italian flavours to the table. Those are just a handful of the bold-faced names the comedians behind TV Land's new comedy (Wednesday, 10 ET/PT) started in showbiz with 20 years ago as part of the L. While Larry Dorf, Hugh Davidson and Rachel Ramras have worked steadily in Hollywood ever since, they've watched many of their cohorts become household names since those early days in the late '90s, when everyone lived in studio apartments and relied on pre-show Papa John's pizzas for dinner. And sitting back there with Maya Rudolph and Jim Rash and Nat, I felt the same level of inadequacy. “All I do is whorishly pitch them ideas for next year.Later that year, she released what would become her mainstream breakthrough album, Yes I Am.

At the 2005 Grammy Awards, she made a return to the stage and, although bald from chemotherapy, performed a tribute to Janis Joplin with the song "Piece of My Heart".

All of this, however, belies the most salient fact about Susan Cooper, CIA agent: She is extremely good at her job.

She is smart and resourceful and patient and steady in a crisis.

When people tell her (Rose Byrne, doing a passable Australian person's version of a British accent)—and when Rayna reveals that she’s in possession of a nuclear bomb that she has hidden in Europe—Susan volunteers to take Fine’s place in the field.

Partly because of the hopelessly-in-love thing, but partly, too, out of the conviction that she’d be just as good away from the desk as behind it.

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