Hardy fly rod dating

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Hardy Brand Business Manager and Team England fly fisher A fly angler since he was 9 years old, Howard has been fortunate enough to fish some of the finest destinations in the world for dozens of species in both salt and fresh water.A former tournament caster, Howard has represented England at World level and has won in excess of 90 professional casting events.What happens if there are no sections left for my rod? The time taken depends on the rod/section being returned and the availability of spare parts. This helps prevent wear and tear and prolongs the life of the joint, it also prevents sections sticking together.We keep sections of rods for as long as feasibly possible. Repairs and servicing are available - please contact us to discuss your needs. We recommend a light rubbing on the joints every 2-3 outings.Behind the scenes, their input helps make sure the next generation of tackle is even better than the last.

If this fails contact customer service for further advice. When we charge postage, we charge for the actual cost of the postage, but also the cost of the packing materials and the time taken to send them.You can then send your damaged rod, rod sections or reel to us, along with the appropriate charges. Why do I need to send a receipt when I have registered my rod/reel?Keeping proof of purchase can help us process your claim faster and where products are less than 12 months old you may be covered under your statutory consumer rights, meaning you can get a repair or replacement without needing to claim on your warranty.In the event that we don't have any, an upgrade to an equivalent current rod will be offered at a discounted price. Some spare parts are available to order, or may be replaced under warranty. We recommend that only household candle wax is used on the joints.My rod sections are stuck together, what should I do?

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